I’ve been playing my druid since launch, and in vanilla WoW I could not choose Feral because it practically forced you to choose either cat or bear form. There were literally two different talent trees within the feral tree, complete with two different high end talents at level 40. This was back when gold dual spec didn’t exist and respecs were costly because gold was not as abundant as it is today. Changing your spec could take weeks if you don’t have the gear for it. Life in multi-specs is much easier in today’s World of Warcraft. Especially now that Druids have 4 dedicated talent trees and you can choose Feral and Guardian as your two primary specs. You no longer have to make such a steep investment to switch between the two, aside from changing specs and swapping a few gear pieces between fights.

This got me to thinking. What if all specs got that 4th class? That would actually help even out the dungeon and raid finder queues if there were more tank and healing specs out there. Here were a few of my ideas. I’m interested to see what you guys think, and what your suggestions would be for your favorite class’s 4th spec.



These two can be interchangeable:

Priest: Tank spec, focuses on shielding spells and absorbing damage in place of others. Can use 1h weapons and spell damage shields

Mage: Melee damage – spell damage sword and shield, imbues weapon with magic strikes, absorbs damage with shield that can be released on enemies. Alternatively as a tank, the mage can create a damage shield based on how much damage he inflicts… It could be fun to toy around with.


These two can be interchangeable:

Paladin: Ranged caster. The old Shockadin returns! It’s feasible to create, and there is not really a dedicated holy spellcaster in the game (Smite priest? Meh, why?)The spells are already there: Consecration, exorcism, holy shock, judgment, hammer of wrath, and some of the healing spells can be converted to damage spells. Add in a few unique spells (like Fist of the Heavens!!) and we’ve got a solid plate wearing spell-caster!

Death Knight: Necromancy – master of the balance of life and death. He can restore life to those that are brushed by death. He uses different runes to summon dark energies to heal and protect allies. Think of applying bone and blood shield to allies, or summoning blood worms to heal. He wears intellect plate (Sorry pallies, you gotta share now!) and dual wields spell damage weapons.


These two can be interchangeable:

Warlock: Demonic Defense – He’s a ranged tank that uses demon slaves as a meat shield to protect himself and allies. The 50% of damage absorbed by the pet is shared to the Warlock and vice versa. Damage to the pet can kill the warlock.

Hunter: Medicine – This one can actually make sense if you think about it. He already has skills like mend pet and revive. He can expand on this knowledge and apply these skills to allies in battle. I like the idea of a non-mana using healer. This was somewhat inspired by SWTOR and the healing Commando or Smuggler, who are more medical healers than magical. His knowledge of nature allows him to create bandages, salves, and potions to aid allies in battle. Pets can deliver potions to allies, and the hunter can mark an ally so that the next time damage is done to that ally, the pet takes the blow instead. Also, the hunter can get a new sting that can target allies and converts damage to healing when doing so. He wears intellect mail, and agility on weapons counts toward spellpower. (Sorry shammies, you gotta share now too!)


Rogue: Avoidance tank, focusing on dodging and parrying. He can have a combo finisher to either reduce incoming damage, self-heal, or absorb life on the next attack. Rogues would also have a mechanic where any single attack that would be greater than 50% of his health (didn’t dodge that one!) will become a DoT over 10-15 seconds with a cooldown. This is necessary because rogues just don’t have as much mitigation through leather.

Shaman: Elemental tank. Back in Vanilla WoW Shaman were actually intended to be able to tank because they could equip shields. It never happened. I’d like to see it. It would be fun. Either that, or bring back a 2h Windfury spec . >: )

Warriors: It wouldn’t make any sense to have them as healers, and adding another tank spec or melee damage spec just wouldn’t make sense. The only thing I can think of is giving them a ranged weapon spec. Hunters can’t have all the fun with guns! Instead of using focus and pets, use the Warrior’s rage mechanic. Convert some of the warriors key abilities to shots (Heroic shot, cleave could ricochet to 2 nearby enemies, etc.) and create a new stance: Ranger stance, reduces the warrior’s weapon speed by 20% and movement speed, but increases weapon damage. So a 2.7 weapon becomes a 3.2 speed or 3.0 speed weapon becomes 3.6, but increases damage to match a warrior’s normal 2h damage, at the tradeoff of movement speed since they wear heavy armor for protection.

Monk: I’m gonna cop out on this… I don’t know… I haven’t played one yet, so I have no idea what to do with them. Any monks have any thoughts on how to play this?

Druids – Yeah, you got yours already.

I’m interested in anyone else’s take on what you would like to see if your favorite class had a 4th spec. Let’s push this with blizz for the next expansion!



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I am really excited about the Diablo 3 patch 1.0.5 changes!

So I have a confession to make. This blog has fallen into a state of disrepair as of late, and part of that has to do with the fact that I haven’t been playing WoW as much lately. I’ve been sidetracked with other games such as SWTOR and Diablo 3. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.5. I have fallen behind on my quest to level 90, but with the WoW Leveling Guide that I use, I’m not too concerned about it. I’ll catch up quickly.

So what is coming in Diablo 3 patch 1.0.5?

So Patch 1.0.5 is definitely changing the game. Players who have been missing a challenge as of late now have “Monster Power,” Defensive stat changes, The Infernal Machine (a new event for the ultra elite), and a mix of other changes. My game is updating right now, and I’m only a few bars away from 60 on my wizard.

My Plans for Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.5

Diablo 3 patchAs I power through act 3 on Hell difficulty toward level 60, I will be adopting a few new strategies. I am excited to try all the different Diablo 3 Wizard builds available with the level 60 skills. Also, using a Diablo 3 Gold Guide I’ve been saving up quite a bit of gold to gear him up.

However, I’ll be cranking up the difficulty to Monster Power 10 to finish up Hell Difficulty. Yes, this will make Diablo and Azmodan a bit more difficult to finish off, but I think I’m up to the challenge. Well, the patch has completed, so I’m out of here, and getting into the game! Check back soon to see how it turns out.



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Diablo 3 is here, everyone and their mother is pushing their own Diablo 3 Gold Guide.

But are they all just a scam? Or can you dominate the game and actually make real money with a Diablo 3 Gold Guide?

Just like you, I have been wondering the same thing, so I got in contact with the creator of one such Diablo 3 guide. And I had some questions for him that I’m guessing you are asking yourself right now as well, and I wasn’t shy about asking:

  • Is this Diablo 3 Gold guide just another scam?
  • Does it really work?
  • Will this guide help me make tons of gold in Diablo 3?
  • Can I make real money on the Diablo 3 Auction House?
  • And more importantly, will it improve my game?

Diablo 3 Gold GuideDiablo 3 has been a highly anticipated sequel that has been 12 years in the waiting since Blizzard Entertainment’s last installment in the series. It is a massive game, and already sold over a million copies even before launch. This means that people are doing everything they can to get started early, and get the most out of this game. And if you think you will be good at this game because you played Diablo 2, then you’re dead wrong. Players in this game are going to be competitive, and they’re going to be hardcore. This game is hard. Just watch this video from the developers:


These guys made the game. I think they know what they’re talking about. You’re going to need gold. Gold for gear, gold for repairs, gold for crafting, and the list of reasons you need gold goes on. But do you want to spend countless hours or even days trying to farm gold or learn the economy in Diablo 3?

Well that’s why I went to Marcko. He’s the creator of the 20k Leveling Guide for World of Warcraft. I’ve reviewed this guide, and he really knows what he’s talking about. That’s why I wanted to see with him first, if this guide is all it’s cracked up to be.

Click Here to see this Diablo 3 Gold Guide for yourself

Diablo 3 Gold Guide

He claims that this Diablo 3 Gold guide will help you:

  • Learn the best farming strategies
  • Make gold at any level, 1-60
  • Dominate the Real Money Auction House to make real cash
  • Join a community forum of top minds in Diablo 3 Gold tactics

The Real Money Auction House is brand new, and unless you have been on the D3 Beta, you may not know what to expect. But the pro gamers have been, and they have been tracking and tweaking their strategies to dominate the auction house, using YOUR money. Sure, you can play by trial and error, but you’re taking time, and gambling with real currency. Are these errors you can afford to make?

It Literally Pays to have a good Diablo 3 Guide

Or at the very least, it can save you valuable time and money. You want to choose a guide that gets you started right, and carries you throughout the game, as long as you are playing it. (One with lifetime free updates)

I know Marcko, and the quality of guides he produces. I’ve used his World of Warcraft Gold Guides, and I’ve talked gold strategies with him by personal email, social media, and in his member’s sites. I trust his information, and I can say he knows what he’s talking about.

So Do you need this Diablo 3 Gold Guide? Not if you don’t:

  • Care about having the best items in the game
  • Have unlimited time to learn the strategies he teaches
  • Can afford to pay real cash to learn the Real Money Auction House on your own
  • Already know how to dominate the RMAH every step of the way
  • Have a community to help you along the way

But if you want to earn piles of gold, with a dedicated community to help you along, make real money while enjoying a game, and interact with some of the greatest minds playing Diablo 3, 

Click Here to see Marcko’s Diablo 3 Gold Guide.

Diablo 3 Gold Guide



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