Morgan Webb sits down with Lead Encounter Designer Ion Hazzikostas, Senior Art Director Chris Robinson, and Game Director Tom Chilton to talk about the Warlo… The WoW Devs talk about the thought process that went into Warlords of Draenor, the concept behind garrisons, the changes to character models, and the new direction of the story [...]

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Announcement Trailer

Across Draenor’s savage jungles and battle-scarred plains, Azeroth’s heroes will engage in a mythic conflict involving mystical draenei champions and mighty … I am very excited for the new expansion. It’s been a while since I really felt excited and anxious for an update. Level cap  raised to 100: Once again, the level cap increases [...]

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MoP 5.0 Resto Druid Guide Pt. 1/3

This is just a basic resto druid guide for any beginner In this video I talk about talent, the core abilites and other things More guides to come in the future Armory: Macro’s Nature’s Swiftness /showtooltip Nature’s Swiftness /stopcasting /use Nature’s Swiftness /use [target=mouseover] Healing Touch Innervate Yourself #showtooltip Innervate /cast [target=player] Innervate Mouseover [...]

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