Is Booster WoW Leveling Guide just a scam?

Or can this WoW Leveling Guide really cut down your leveling time to just under 5 days, saving you time, frustration, and putting you at the top of your guild?


At first glance, Booster seems much like every other WoW leveling guide out there, such as Zygor Guides or Dugi’s Ultimate WoW Guide. You probably found your way here because you were wondering if this guide is just garbage, or if it is really worth it. And before I tried Booster, I was also asking myself:

  • “Is it a scam?”
  • “Does this WoW Leveling Guide work?”
  • “Do you need one?”
  • “Is this any better than the other WoW Leveling Guides?”
  • And more importantly than anything, “Does it improve your game?”
World of Warcraft is a massive game, with nearly limitless content to experience. This is one of the game’s greatest benefits, but also one of its biggest problems. With all there is to see and do in WoW, you will be investing hours, if not DAYS, just trying to figure everything out. You have a life. As such, you want to get the best experience out of a game in a minimal amount of time. A good WoW Leveling Guide can help you do just that. However, there is much more to Booster than there seems on the first impression. Read on, and you will find out why Booster is actually my favorite of all of the WoW leveling guides.
WoW Leveling Guide

Booster Leveling Guide

To reach Level 85 Fast with a WoW Leveling Guide, you need to know:

  • How to save you time by cutting out fluff
  • Which Quests give the most experience for faster leveling
  • How to do every step of those quests so you don’t waste time searching
  • Where to complete and turn in quests so you don’t get distracted
  • The most efficient Spec and Glyphs setup for tearing through quests

See if you get that in this WoW Leveling Addon:


I’m an Altoholic. I used to have a problem. I even considered going to meetings. I had one of every class, and I used to bounce back and forth so frequently trying to level each one, that eventually I got overwhelmed with all there is to do in WoW. Leveling professions, hitting the Auction House, I knew that I was never going to reach 85 with any of those alts if I couldn’t cut through all the time wasters and get focused. I found myself short on gold, running in circles, and just getting frustrated. All my guildmates had 2-3 level 85 toons, and I had a few in the 50’s, one in outland, and only one at level 85. Then again, I had been playing that druid since launch and have over 2 months of play time. But the point is, I was always the last to the finish line.

Most importantly, I was losing my time. I had a life. I have a family, and a full time job. I don’t want to waste hours in a game, and have little to show for it.

I went on the internet for the best WoW Leveling Guide I could find. I found a few decent guides that pointed me in the right general direction, but they were PDF’s or web pages, and I had to Alt-Tab any time I wanted to see the next step. Overall it became a very inefficient and grinding process. I thought there had to be an easier way. I then came across some in-game addons to help me level up fast.
Booster Leveling Guide
Booster, like some other WoW Leveling Guides, utilizes a waypoint arrow that guides you to all of the different quests, objectives, and turn-ins in an optimal fashion that allows for faster completion than if you would be completing these quests on your own. Unlike other guides, Booster Leveling Guide runs you in specific circuits, completing a group of quests at a time, instead of one-by one, which greatly increases your efficiency.

Each quest step has hand written instructions by Booster’s team, so that you should never have any questions about where to go next. Between these tips, the ant trail, map markers, and the waypoint arrow, you save tons of time.

Booster doesn’t stop there, though. What stands out mostly is the individual class guides. This feature is one that I have not seen in any other WoW leveling guide. Every leveling guide worth its salt has a talent guide. However, Booster leveling guide goes above and beyond that with an in-depth explanation of talents by level, glyphs by level to maximize leveling speed, and even appropriate rotations for optimal experience per hour. This may not seem like much but when you look at the class training videos in their members’  section, you will see that Booster shows how any class can AoE pull for massive experience.

In addition to all of the awesome features that Booster boasts, one nice part of the guide is that it is aesthetically pleasing, but takes up minimal space. Other guides have large obnoxious windows while booster’s window is surprisingly small.

So do you need Booster WoW Leveling Guide? Not if you:

So do you need this WoW Leveling Guide? Not if you don’t:

  • Care about reaching level 85 anytime soon.
  • Have a life, job, family
  • Want to join the best guilds
  • Want to reach endgame
  • Want to learn top strategies in PvE

In addition to all this, the customer support is excellent. Responses are always fast and personal. The member’s forum is a great place to ask questions to both Manaview staff, and other members.

Overall, Booster is an excellent guide, and if you are an alt-o-holic or you’re just busy and want to get the most out of your game in the limited time that you have, I highly recommend you check out Manaview’s Booster Leveling Guide. Manaview is also known for other products like Tycoon, Impulse, and Edge. They are gamers who know what gamers need.


Booster Leveling Guide

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