Creating a Diablo 3 Wizard Build / Skill Combination for Leveling

Tim on February 27, 2013 · 10 comments

Diablo 3 Wizard Leveling Build: Updated Skills and Gear Video: In this week’s video we take a look at potential wizard leveling builds for the upcoming release of Diablo 3. I go over the 3 things I think you should take into consideration when creating a diablo 3 wizard build or skill combination, and then I show you a level 20 and level 40 leveling build I plan on using on my wizard once Diablo 3 is released. Last Week’s Video: Link to Dreadnought’s channel: Link to level 20 Build: Link to level 40 Build: Thanks for Watching! Please Like and Subscribe Archon

Diablo 3 Gear Guides for Inferno

This is a great example of how to pair up skills while you’re leveling your Diablo 3 Wizard. It’s important while leveling to choose skills that support each other. For example, Frost Nova with Deep Freeze increases your critical strike chance, which reduces the cooldown of Frost Nova through Critical Mass. Also using skills like Electrocute with Forked Lightning helps to generate additional Arcane Power and deal additional damage with a high critical rate.

Another example is a heavy arcane build using Arcane Torrent with Disruption paired up with Arcane Orb or Disintegrate at higher levels. Combined with Temporal Flux, you have a solid combination of skills for an Arcane build for your Diablo 3 Wizard.

However, it’s important to make sure you’re pairing up the right skills and gear.

Click here for a Diablo 3 Gear and Spec Guide



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10 Responses to “Creating a Diablo 3 Wizard Build / Skill Combination for Leveling”

  1. Casey Swoboda says:

    how do u change your secondary skill out? it wont let me


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  3. leonfalco6 says:

    i like his saying, u may be playing on lower dificulty and later u may be playing on higher ^^

  4. danuka1231 says:

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  5. MrAnthraxis says:

    Thanks for the guide but one thing Diamond skin absorbs about 2k damage for me at level 32, that number must be level 60 stats so I like to go for the increased damage absorb from Diamond Skin

  6. sabjeljsr says:

    Hey, have you tried “D3Max Out Turbo” (google it)? On their website you will find a great free video showing the right way to speed run Diablo 3. This made it possible for Pete to speed level in Diablo 3 and consequently max out his character very quickly. I hope it helps you too…

  7. TheSpartianGladiator says:

    Hey nice vid but i have a question, do i also have a skill calculator?
    If i do where do I find it?
    If I dont is there any way to see the dmg that the abilities do?(just like the calculator)

  8. RtdXyron says:

    in D2 Hell sorces hardly ever teled everywhere crazy fast as they were glass cannons really…

  9. catmaniac555 says:

    For all those people asking how they have multiple skills active from the same skill tree you have to enable it from the options menu, it’s called Elective Mode and allows full skill customization

  10. Mirza Ejaz says:

    Oh hai:) Did you ever tried the Diablo 3 Beast Guide (google it)? My buddy used it to get lots of gold and level up fast within a short period of time…

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