Can a WoW gold guide be built into an addon?

Ok, so there have been a lot of WoW Gold Guides out there, from PDF’s to videos, websites, and forums. But what separates Tycoon from all the rest of them? Tycoon is the very first in-game WoW gold guide ADDON! Many of you have seen the in-game leveling guides, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen an add-on that is designed to actually make you gold. Now, 1000g per hour is impressive, and I’ve reached that using some of the tactics in other gold guides out there. However, I’ve never hit 3000-4000 gold per hour before.

That is, before I used the WoW Gold Guide: Tycoon.

See it in action here:

I’ll start with the area where most people make gold in WoW, and most others fail to do so… The auction house! The auction house has been used and abused since the days of Vanilla WoW (before any expansions) and I was one of the abused folks who just couldn’t get his gold. All the Best WoW Gold Guides teach you how to use the auction house, as well as AH related add-ons like Auctioneer, Lil’ Sparky, and Gnomeworks, for buying, re-selling, and in general, learning what goods sell on your server. Well here’s the difference. Tycoon learns the auction house for you. This WoW gold guide add-on does that for you. The Auction House Module of Tycoon scans to find all the under priced items that you can quickly re-sell for higher profit. The Crafting Module also shows you what items you can craft, and how profitable they are. And all the “Guru’s” said that crafting was a waste of time.


In addition, this WoW Gold Guide comes with gathering and farming modules that will send you in the perfectly optimized route for gathering herbs, ores and skins. You don’t have to compile hours and hours of data from gatherer. Tycoon does it for you. Tycoon will know your server and optimize your routes. In addition, the farming module shows you where all the most profitable, low health mobs can be found and farmed with ease in record time.

WoW gold guide

How does this WoW Gold Guide work?


Tycoon takes all the best strategies for making wow gold, and puts them into one addon. In addition, most of the WoW Gold Guides out there teach you how to analyze the auction house and analyze data to learn what items sell and what is profitable. Tycoon has done all of the learning for you. The scans are thorough and it examines the market trends. It analyzes the entire server’s economic data in about 30 seconds. This can take the average person hours, days, or even longer to figure out. Some people never figure it out, so they quit and go back to the grind.


Tycoon even analyzes, based on your economic data, if it’s best to buy and flip or if you are better off going out to farm materials. Then, at the click of a button, it can “Show me the Routes” to the most optimized farming path which will take you through the fastest routes for ores, herbs, and skins.

Economies change, and you can never know where it is going. Most Gold Guru’s can guess, but Tycoon does know. Tycoon’s data gathering has more information than any human will ever be able to hold, and that’s why it’s superior to any PDF guide, video tutorial, or website.


Conclusion, this is Wall Street for WoW. This is like having your own personal advisor in WoW to tell you what to buy, when to buy it, and when to resell it. No other WoW Gold Guide can boast what Tycoon does. But don’t take my word on it. Try it for yourself. Click here to get your very own WoW Tycoon.



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