Making Gold can be easy, and by the time you reach level 85, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have 20,000 gold. That’s right, 20,000 gold. It’s easy too, if you follow the right WoW Gold Guide. But if you’re not seeing this number, then you’ve probably made some mistakes along the way. If you have reached level 85 with nothing left but a few silver or gold in your bags, then you may have made a few mistakes along the way, and literally thrown out money. But you have to know exactly what mistakes you’re making along the way, so you aren’t destroying money. Down here, I’ve listed some WoW Gold Guide reviews that I feel stand out above the rest, and some that don’t. I have them ranked here from best to worst.

Tycoon – This is revolutionary. This is the first ever addon designed for making gold. This takes what all the other guides teach you, and does it for you. It’s completely automated and does all the thinking for you. Check my full review of Tycoon here.

Xelerated Warcraft Guides – This is probably the best all around guide. It includes an in-game daily quests guide, profession guide add-on, and an in-game auction house add-on (like Tycoon) coming soon. Check out my full Xelerated Warcraft Guides Review here.

20k Leveling – This guide is probably my favorite of all the guides I’ve reviewed so far. The results are amazing, and Marcko is very clear in his explanation on exactly how to make gold, or more specifically, how not to throw it away. Using only the first chapter, I was able to make 40 Gold before level reaching 10. In regards to customer service, Marcko is very helpful and very involved in the WoW Community. Here’s my full review of 20k Leveling.

Hayden Hawke’s Secret Gold Guide – Hayden Hawke is very good at keeping up to date with her information. She is also very good at keeping in contact with her members. Her information is complete. However, there is so much information in her guide, it can be a bit overwhelming. One more positive note is that Hayden sends out regular emails on what’s hot in WoW. She is also very involved with her customers and partners. I have gotten some great feedback from her personally on using the guide. Check out my full review of her Secret Gold Guide here.

Warcraft Conquest – This is more than a WoW Gold Guide as it covers both PVE and PVP strategies, boss encounters, and more. However, it comes from Tony “T-Dub” Sanders, the creator of Warcraft Formula, and many other programs out there. So it is a reputable program, and they seem to be updating it frequently for patches. So rest assured that the information is still relevant. Check them out here.

Warcraft Millionaire – Their sales page doesn’t really list anything relevant to Cataclysm. This was good up through Wrath of the Lich King, but I can’t really say if the information is still relevant. I’m sure many of the same strategies are still useful, but definitely not all of them. Furthermore, I have received no response from their help desk to confirm whether it’s updated or not. Therefore I can’t personally recommend this WoW Gold Guide. However, you can feel free to check it out here.

Cataclysm Gold Secrets – This is totally out of date. At the top, you see “Updated for patch 3.3.3” so you know we’re well beyond using this guide. This guide was designed to prep you FOR Cataclysm, but doesn’t actually cover any of Cataclysm’s content. This WoW Gold Guide was useful for about 5 weeks. They also don’t provide a good contact email. If they can’t communicate with their customers, I can’t recommend using this guide. I’m not even gonna link to it. Google it if you really want to look into this WoW Gold Guide.



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